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Library Instruction: Request Library Instruction

Information and resources about the MHCC Library Instruction program, designed to help support both face-to-face classes and online learning.

Library Instruction @ MHCC

clip art photo of teachingAt MHCC, library instruction is aligned with national and regional Information Literacy standards, integrated within existing courses, customized to be assignment-specific, and designed to encourage active learning. Professional librarians provide faculty and students with instruction in information literacy (IL) skills and using library resources, including the library catalog, databases, and print and electronic collections. Library instruction is most meaningful to students when connected with a specific source-related activity. Library instruction sessions are designed and scheduled to meet the particular needs of your students.

General Policies

  • In order to schedule and prepare for your class, we require advance notice of at least 10 calendar days. Our Library Instruction program is designed to be assignment-specific, and we require an online request form for all library instruction. When your instruction session is confirmed via email, the librarian who will be teaching the session will contact you directly about assignment details.
  • Our Library Instruction program is designed to be assignment-specific, as instruction is most meaningful to the students when done in connection with a specific course-related activity.
  • MHCC does not offer stand-alone, for-credit library courses; all librarian-led information literacy instruction occurs during the regular class meeting times of subject-specific courses.
  • General tours, drop-in classes, or orientations unrelated to a specific course assignment do not fall under the overall purview of the MHCC Library Instruction program; see sidebar for contact information regarding orientations and tours.
  • Instructors must be present during library instruction sessions, or provide a substitute.
  • We require advance notice of at least 10 calendar days in order to adequately schedule and prepare for your class.
  • We require all faculty requestors to complete the online request form on this page. Why? For statistical purposes and to best prepare our collaboration with faculty.

Request Library Instruction

NOTICE FOR SUMMER 2015 TERM:  There is no library instruction service over the summer.

NOTICE FOR FALL 2015 TERM:  For library instruction requests for the fall term, faculty are encouraged to submit requests through the online form below, in order to place those requests in the queue. Faculty may submit those requests whenever working on syllabi and/or course schedules, during the summer or during in-service week, whatever works best for you and your personal timeline. The Library Instruction Coordinator will then begin filling those fall requests for library instruction 1 week before fall term begins, at the beginning of in-service week, when the faculty librarians return.


Library Instruction

For information about the Library Instruction program and how to schedule information literacy sessions taught by instruction librarians.

Main contact:

Library Instruction Coordinator: Jennifer Snoek-Brown, faculty librarian, or 503-491-7693

Orientations & Tours

For information about and how to schedule general library tours or orientations unrelated to a specific course research assignment.

Main contact:

Alternative contact: Megan Dugan, library manager, at